Professional Issues: Beliefs

After reading the section on Moodle ‘Why Believing is Always the First Step’ I began thinking about how I can relate this to my own life. I do it quite a bit in certain areas. One main one is my fear of going freelance after college, rather than trying to get a full time job and stay there safely. It is an interesting article that made me realize that all of this negative thinking about freelance work is just a belief in my head, set there from under-confidence or fear of rejection.

After reading the article and even while writing this, I am trying to show myself that this belief that I seemed to have set it my head as fact comes from fear. Not a previous experience or any real evidence of why this could be true.

After reading about the inspiring examples of this power of belief in the article, I decided to find more. Simply because they are inspiring, I mean hearing about someone who seemed condemned to a wheelchair become an Olympic Gold medalist for running is incredible and really can make anyone feel like they can take on the world.

One of the results I stumbled upon, was the Placebo effect. It wasn’t something I was expecting to find however I did see how its relative to the topic. Dud tablets curing disease? Or increasing intelligence? It is purely based on the power of belief that these tablets will do what the person believes they will. Even when proven as blank tablets/medication it tricks the user into changing what they think of these tablets from belief to fact. And there are numerous results of this effect.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter Over Matter


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