Professional Issues: Machines/Human Crossover

So from watching the movie ‘The Imitation Game’ I learned about ‘the Turing Test’. This is a test invented by Alan Turing, which can be used to determine whether something is a machine or a human. It is to check if a machine has human intelligence.

From reading about the computer program Ellie, partly created by psychologist Skip Rizzo. It converses with a person about personal subjects, such as feelings and regrets. While doing this it scans, facial expressions, tone of voice and the amount and length of pauses. It essentially uses science to determine whether someone is depressed.

This made me think about whether or not machine advancement is the right way to go about this, or would human advancement be more efficient? What I mean by this is, if Ellie confirmed someone has being depressed, what would happen then? It does say later in the article that a soldier dealing with PTSD and depression, felt that the lifelessness of Ellie helped him open up, which is great. But how close are we coming to the uncanny valley when this kind of a reaction is possible with a machine.

It is something that I find interesting, so I will probably watch the movie ‘HER’ later in the week about a man who falls in love with an android. I decided to research more into this barrier between man and machine, especially since so many famous names seem to warn us about it such as Alan Turing , Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. I did find online, that I was thinking of this test the wrong way, it is not simply can a machine pass for a human but can it pass for thinking like a human.

There is constantly new machines or programs passing the test, such as Lamus. This is a computer cluster which can create music in the same way as a human. It just made me think that this is a particularly interesting time for this test.AI



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