Professional Issues: Smartsheet

So I decided to check out the link for ‘Smartsheet’ and watched the video for working with gantt charts and the article with it. After watching the video on how well the organisation looked, I thought that this could be something to change the way I work for the better. I find myself to be a very hard worker, however I do forget about deadlines and unevenly manage my different tasks. From looking at this, with its start and end dates for individual tasks neatly organised, I thought this could help me with my work load, so as not to overload myself with work again in a short space of time.

From looking at this, I decided to redownload an app called ‘Evernote’, which I found through the app store on the ‘popular’ section (I did not go looking for it). However I forget about it being on my phone. From looking at again, I find it may be helpful to some people as it is a lot more text based however for me a much more visual based guideline is preferred. I did however find Evernote Sticky Notes, which as small thumbnails of text which will appear on your PC screensaver.

I researched online and found an article on ‘8 Ways to Remember’ which I found very interesting. It was;

1.Be Interested in it

2. Leverage your visual memory

3.Make a mental memory tree

4.Associate with what you already know

5.Write it out

6.When reading; summarize in paragraphs

7.Do most of the studying in the afternoon

8.Get adequate sleep

I found that even to remember a few of these and follow them helped me better when studying for my Public Relations exam.


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