Professional Issues: VR

VR or virtual reality in my opinion will be a successful next step in mainstream technology. I think this because of the possibilities that this technology could bring. One example; advancements in education. Now even if it is all theoretical for the moment, the idea that one day we could put on an Oculus Rift, travel to Rome and learn about the history there by walking through the city and having the beauty of the city in front of you from the comfort of home.

Or perhaps, if you are ill and cannot make it to college. Imagine if the alternative was to take the class through VR? Studies show that different people learn through different methods; visual, audio, through text etc. With VR you could possibly learn through all of these.

Further evidence to support this is an article from ‘the Guardian’, which does state that Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t of spent 2 billion on this technology if it didn’t have a lot of promise. I think this is because although it is a very game centered technology, as it develops it will spread to becoming a tool for accessing the internet, socializing with others, gaming, travelling and more.


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