Professional Issues: Procrastination Monkey

So the procrastination monkey as mentioned in the Ted Talk by Tim Urban, is something that I have a lot of history with. I am the type of person who, unless influenced by the Panic Monster will let the monkey ‘take the wheel’. Although I can crack down and do the work if I really put my mind to it, most likely the procrastination monkey will take over and convince me to watch that new movie while I work on it, or perhaps follow my artistic impulses and draw a cartoon animal while it is still in my head!

Although I can see the procrastination monkey as a blessing sometimes, giving me the much needed break during exams times I would prefer to be as aware of it as I am now after watching the Ted Talk. However since the start of the second semester the panic monster appeared once, scaring me into the thought of failing and embarrassing myself at the Fis exhibiton, but since then I have not seen him since. Working in a steady pace I have not listened to the procrastination monkey and not seen the panic monster. I find this is my most productive semester in college.


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