Culture & Society: Pornification of Culture

I think the pornification of culture is becoming increasingly evident in recent years. With the increasingly acceptable. Reading an article by Rashida Jones titled ‘Why is Everyone Getting Naked?’, she speaks about the influence from the pop culture on today’s world and thus goes on the pornification of culture. Examples including Miley Cyrus’ twerk, Lady Gaga’s album cover with her bum crack or Blurred Line’s objectify women in the music video.

I find that yes these ideas originating from porn have now become very much accepted in today’s society. I also think that; the thinner than paper challenge, sending naked photos via Snapchat and the social perception that women must always have some make up on, prove that there are effects of this. And for a younger audience; the sexualizing of lead characters in PG movies which a majority of viewers will be children, e.g. Scarlett Johannson’s “very important” camera angles in ‘The Avengers’ differ from her male co-stars to sexualize her. I think it is a process that needs to stop, it is not worth the negative impacts on our society.

I have seen evidence among peers, being friends with a lot of men it is evident that there is some objectifying such as ‘rating them out of 10’ or trying to have sex with them for a night only to sneak out after. The idea of trying to get nude photographs of women is appalling because it is almost seen as a normal thing to do, if you manage to get the photo’s then you’re great and your male friends will admire you for it. Although I can not speak about it from my female friends perspectives (because they would not be as open to discuss it), I do imagine it would create some amount of pressure.

I do not believe the threat of a sexually dysfunctional society is real. It is a danger of affecting certain people but not everybody, just like other influences. For example video games such as Call of Duty didn’t create  a world filled with murders and machine guns, however it may have had an unhealthy influence on a certain amount of people. One article which talks about this is from ‘the Telegraph’ which talks about the abnormality of children ‘sexting’. And I completely agree that this is wrong, children should not be learning about this kind of behavior from the internet in their pre-adolescent days, which may make a bad impact on them later in life. One example they talk about is young girls feeling pressurized into exposing themselves. Especially if this happening at the age 11 which is the age studies show when children start watching porn in Australia.


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