Professional Issues: Negative Vizualisation

Negative Visualization is something that I think affects a lot more people than most people realize. I know that it is something that has affected me many times in life.

Negative visualization is a technique developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans to help realize all that you should be grateful for in your life. It is a technique to promote happiness. Rather than thinking of what you want or what could make you happier, it focuses on what you have now that should make you happy that maybe some people don’t have and would be happy if they did.

One of the examples he uses is your health. It is something that made me realize that I have used this technique without even realizing it. For example when I sleep badly and my neck is sore, I suddenly realize how it feels and think about how granted I took it when my neck felt normal.

I did think that the video made a lot of relative points, however when he was trying to apply this theory to people who may be in very bad situations (such as being homeless) I did question whether he was right or not to say that these people should still be happy.

However I do think this ancient technique is helpful for me in my life and may try remeber it in the future.


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