Month: December 2015

Programming Update: IR Sensor

So far I’ve just been messing around with the Xbox Kinect trying to get it to act as a touchscreen device for our table. However because this is really an area we didn’t really cover much in college (going from making an alphabet in Flash; to using a motion sensor device in Processing) I realized I might need to think about my backup plans.

So I started looking into other methods. One of these was the use of an IR sensor frame. This would be a frame that would basically go around the entire of a TV or monitor, it would then pick up the exact coordinate of the users touch using the X and Y axis of sensor. From further research, I realized that this could be a potential backup plan. However the only problem would be the cost. Which when I was looking for other options always seemed to be the case.

The cheapest IR sensors would cost at least one hundred euro (for one that would be an appropriate size to go with a table). However then there would also be the case of needing a monitor as well which for an appropriate size that we would need would cost at least 50 euro.

So if I was to fall back on this route I feel I would be spending quite a bit of the groups money, for a method that might not even work. What if I can’t find or work the software needed to program it (since there are multiple options; C++ being one of the main), or what if my computer can’t handle the power needed to operate an IR sensor, or if they aren’t compatible with the college iMacs? (which is something I have already ran into with the Kinect).

I suppose these are the things I will just have to explore more and hopefully find someone who may have done something similar or perhaps some reassurance before I go gambling money on stuff that might not work.