Month: November 2015

Indie Game – The Movie

The movie ‘Indie Game’ really made me aware of the stress that certain projects can bring upon people. The people shown in the movie were creating their own gaming project. The result was scary. Some of them saying they would literally rather die than have this game go wrong (this happened with the developer of the game ‘FEZ’.

The main point I took from this was that I shouldn’t let the stress of the project effect me that personally and to stay calm throughout the project.

The positive points I took away from the project were that creating games can be an effective interaction experience which can immerse the user in it very well. Almost like a combination of other mediums such as visual (TV’s shows and movies), audio (radio) and interactive. Personally I love games and I love the way they interact with the user.

The movie was inspiring in some ways, it did bring to light the fact that you don’t need these multimillion dollar corporations to make effective and successful games, but hard work and imagination. I think this helped me broaden my horizon for what the project could be in the end.

At the end of the movie each of the games creators displayed their games in some way either at a Gaming Festival or by uploading it to the Xbox Live store. This did make me think about what it will be like to present my project in June 2016. The excitement, nerves and appreciation of all the hard work finally paying off.

Although I don’t think my project will have the same effect as ‘Minecraft’ with 4 million users, or FEZ, which was complained at for 5 years because of its delays. I think my project will go more along the lines of AETHER, which was shown as a great example of using imagination to help your project. That making this project will have stressful components but will overall be fun and creative. And hopefully it will create something original and something people will enjoy by the end of it.


Group Project – Making a Computer

So during our class on a Monday morning on the 2nd of November we were each given these devices called raspberry pi. These are almost like what a default standard computer processor would be without the Windows 10 or Mac OS X or whatever software you get normally on a computer when you initially start it up.
We were also given a monitor, HDMI cable, an SD card, a keyboard and a mouse. Connecting these together where very simple once we got parts which were working, as we did have to swap a few parts which didn’t work anymore. This brought us to a 90’s looking, stereotypical first computer programming type of screen with lots of codex writing.
It seemed like the very base of the computer without the fancy graphics. We then were shown all of the operations this computer could perform. It felt very much like the core of any pc.
We again had trouble with login to show that we were the administrator of the device, but it was nothing of our own accord just that the letters or even symbols weren’t appearing as we typed in the password and we had to try a few spelling variations and swapping of the username and password before we got it right.
However once we were in and set up we did play a few of the games pre-setup onto the raspberry pi such as mine craft and scratch.
I found it an interesting look into what goes on inside of the computer to make them run the way they do and what potential that might have for our group project if needed.